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I took a nutrition class a couple of years ago that my office offered and we were asked to fill out a survey and one of the questions asked what was my weight loss goal.  At that time I weighed a lot more than I do now so I put down I wanted to lose 100 pounds.  A couple of days later I got an email requesting that I meet the instructor and go over the survey with her.  The first question was regarding my goal.  It’s too much she said.  You need to start off with smaller goals and work toward bigger goals once you meet the smaller ones.  So with that I started off with 5 pounds the first month then 5 more the second month and so on.  I lost 60 plus pounds doing that.

Goal setting is not only for weight loss.  I do it for my cycling as well.  When I started riding my bike I could only do about 5 miles at a time.  The only thing I did different was that with each goal that I met I would always increase the goal for the next month so 5 miles became 10, 10 miles became 15 and so forth.  Within about six months I finally reached my last goal of 50 miles.  Pictured here is a group of scouts that I rode with during my 50 mile bike ride.  We all had a blast that day.

Remember when setting goals, make them attainable.  Make your goals challenging but not too high where you may lose interest or get discouraged.  Give yourself an award for reaching your goals.  I remember reading where one lady put up a $1 bill for every pound she lost.  She set her main goal of $50 and when she reached her 50 pounds she had $50 to spend any way she wanted too.  I thought that was a pretty good idea.

If you’re trying to lose weight I hope you’re meeting your goals.  Good luck!!

“Life Goes On!”