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I had to take a two hour trip this morning to meet some people to run some tests on a building system.  I had to get up at 3am this morning to leave my office at 5am.  Two hours later I was sitting in the parking lot of our other office.  During my two hour trip I tried to find a radio station that I could listen too but couldn’t find anything that would interest me.

I’m not really into Country music, used to be but not anymore.  Too much whining for my taste.  I usually like 70’s and 80’s, Bluegrass and occasional Jazz.  At 5am in the morning all I could find was preaching.  Not wanted to hear that early in the morning.  The drive was a peaceful one and I enjoyed the change of my everyday pace.

On my way home was a different story.  It was nerve racking to say the least.  The roads were packed with crazy drivers and impatient people.  I was exhausted when I finally made it back to work. But, I still had another 45 minutes before I could actually make it to my front door.  More crazies.  Got to do it again in the morning.  3am comes early.

“Life Goes On!”