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Today was a good day.  I got most everything done that I wanted to do today.  I got up and ate breakfast, changed clothes and hopped on my bicycle.  When I returned home I had a bite to eat and started getting things ready for tomorrow trip to Mt. Cheaha.

My bike ride today consisted of a leisurely ride through town.  I followed my weekend route in which I normally get around 23 miles.  The route I take has a lot of hills but not any steep grades.  I took a few new roads just to see some new sites and it increased my mileage a bit. My total mileage for the day was 25.8 and my average speed was 12.1 mph.  Like I said, I took my time and didn’t get in a big hurry.

There are several things that kind of bug me while I’m riding through my fair city but the one thing that really pisses me off is the amount of trash that is on the roads.  I bet I counted four trash bags while on my route today.  I think it’s really uncalled for when people throw out their trash from their cars instead of waiting until they get home and throw it out in a trash can. Doesn’t make sense.  The other thing that gets on my nerves is the amount of dogs that are not on a leash or in a fenced in yard.  Our city has a leash law which requires all dogs to either be on a leash or in a fence if outside.  The little ankle biters don’t really bother me that much, it’s the big labs and german shepherds that make me nervous.  I’ve been given permission by the city to use Mace when I feel threatened.  The thing about using mace it that it could get in my eyes if the wind is blowing the wrong direction.

Photo is of the Pier in Chicago

“Life Goes On!”