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Cycling on the roadways has become such a huge debate around here.  Tempers are easily raised when the subject comes up.  In fact, Alabama is ranked #50 as the worst bike friendly state in America.  I have gotten into several online debates within the last few days and some of these people are just hard headed as they can be.

I’ve known since I’ve started riding that the general public does not like to share the roads with us cyclists.  I’ve been honked at, yelled at, given the bird and nearly ran off the road.  The main argument that I’m hearing is that the cyclist do not belong on the road when in fact Alabama state law states that cyclists have the same rights as motorists while on the road way.  Go to the gym, ride on the sidewalks and use the bike lanes is just some of the other arguments that I’ve been given.

It is my belief that cyclists and motorists should learn to work together and share the roads. It’s a two way street guys.  I’ve seen cyclist ride two and three deep and refusing to allow cars to pass.  I’ve seen cyclist bust through red lights and stop signs when they are supposed to stop.  I can see why some motorists treat us the way they do.

“Life Goes On!”