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If I heard that phrase once I heard it a hundred times today.  At first it was kind of cute but it quickly grew old rather quickly.  The sad part of it is that I’m a huge Star Wars fan.  I guess that tomorrow catch phrase will be Cinco de Mayo.

Tonights bike ride started off late due to having to pick up my truck from the tire store. I had dropped it off yesterday afternoon to have  a couple of tires put on the rear.  Once I finally got my truck, I ate supper with my son, who is home for college, I changed clothes and started off on my ride.  The only down side to riding in such a small city is that you get to know everyone and everyone wants for you to stop and talk.  Tonight was one of those nights.  I bet I got stopped ten times.  And then there was the suspicious activity going on at a house that was being remodeled.  Two cars and a van taking material out of the house in the dark with no lights.  I called the police just to have them check it out.  Don’t know the outcome but at least I think I did the right thing.

“Life Goes On!”