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I got really pissed this evening while on my bike ride and I really wished more people would be more aware of the rules of the road.  I can’t believe people pass me on a hill or in a curve.  I know for a fact that these people wouldn’t pass another vehicle on a hill or in a curve.  I don’t really think they realize what danger they are putting me and or themselves in by doing so.  I really need to have my GoPro charged and ready to go so I can capture these idiots driving so dangerously.

I was thinking as I’m riding that maybe something  can be done to make people more aware of the state and local laws regarding cyclists.  I know that there are more cyclists in my community than just me.   I think I’ll call city hall tomorrow and talk to the mayor’s secretary. I know both the mayor and his secretary very well and it won’t be hard to get an audience.

“Life Goes On!”