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Today I did absolutely nothing but sit in this recliner.  I did spend some time on the computer working on a powerpoint presentation that I have to have done in three weeks.  I think I have it about 95% done.

It’s raining here now and there is another possibility of some frozen stuff again early Monday morning.  I’ll have to go in to work regardless because I have no time left. Tomorrow I have a meeting in the afternoon so that at least will get me out of the house for an hour or so.

The above picture was taken while on a motorcycle trip to Deals Gap North Carolina.  I believe we were on our way back in this photo.  We left on a Wednesday and came back late the following Saturday night.  We had a wonderful time and I wish I could do this trip again.  I still have my motorcycle and I just may do the trip again in a year or so depending on my health.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  I’m hoping the weather makes up it’s mind to stay warm more than a day or two very soon.  I’m going nuts having to stay in the house.

“Life Goes On”