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There’s a saying that no news is good news.  Well, in my case that’s not necessarily so.  I started several times today to call just to see if they had come in but I refrained from doing so.

On another note.  I am so furious right now I can’t see straight.  I have never had to deal with such things until my teenage daughter turned 16 and started dating.  These boys these days are so horrible.  A few weeks ago my daughter got a dear john text.  That within it self made me furious.  What a coward.  About a week later to my disappointment they got back together.  Guess what!  He did it again.  I wished I could put my hands around his neck and teach him the necessity of breathing.  He better be glad he’s away a college right now and not down the road where his parents live.  No one hurts my daughter and gets away with it.  This is part of fatherhood that I’m not prepared for.  Ho does one prepare for such things?