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It’s been way too long since I’ve posted anything. I’m still here and I’m still alive. As I’ve written before, I’ve been diagnosed with CML, Chronic Myloid Lukemia. I was on Gleevec for over a month when I started noticing my vision starting to get blurry. I thought my sugar was high or my blood pressure was up. My blood sugar was a little high but has been much worse and my blood pressure was normal. Over a period of two weeks my vision got so bad I couldn’t see the keys on my keyboard.  I looked up the side effects for Gleevec and there it was. Blurred vision was one of the side effects.   I called my oncologist and discussed it over the phone. He set me up to see an ophthalmologmists. I saw him and he sent me to a retina specialist.  All this to be diagnosed with peripheral diebetic neuropathy. The big question is what caused it?  Was it the diabetes?  Was it the Gleevec?  Or, was it the CML? 

I went to see Dr. Albert, the retina specialist and he gave me injections in both eyes to reduce the swelling and to stop the bleeders in my eyes. I have an appointment to go back in two weeks to start the laser treatments.  Since the injections I have noticed a small improvement in my eye sight. I have new glasses ordered so maybe I will be able to see more clearly once they come in. 

All the doctors seem to be in agreement that the CML caused the blurred vision and not the Gleevec or my diabetic condition. Although, the doctors aren’t going to rule out the diabetes as a contributing factor. All this time since the onset of my blurred vision I have been off the Gleevec for fear that it could be causing the vision issues. As of last night I started back. I feel much better about that.