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Finally got a call from a Dr. Barton, an Oncologist at one of our local hospitals.  I’ve got an appointment at 9:30 am on Thursday of this week.  Now I am a very impatient man and the thought of having to wait until Thursday is about to drive me nuts.

We’ve been having some crazy weather.  We were supposed to get some ice and snow today but it was a no show but now they are predicting more ice and snow for tomorrow night and I’m willing to bet that my appointment will be cancelled due to the weather.

I’m trying not to worry about what could be wrong with me and the thoughts of me having some sort of cancer is scaring me to death.  I’ve got two beautiful teenage daughters and a 20 year old son that I’d like to see grow up.  I’m beginning to doubt that now. Don’t know why because all I’m going on is speculation.  I’ve got a lot of people praying for me so I hope nothing is seriously wrong.

More to come when I know something.