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Every six months I go to the doctor and let them check me over as I’m a diabetic.  Two weeks prior to my doctor visit I go to the lab and let them draw blood so that when I go to the doctor he has everything in front of him.  I went to the lab last Tuesday, 2/4/14 and on Wednesday the next afternoon the nurse called and said that my CBC’s were highly elevated.  She wanted to know if I was sick, running a fever or otherwise in any discomfort.  I told her I felt fine.  The nurse then said that it was probably a lab error but wanted me to do another lab session.  I went Friday morning and did another lab session and by Saturday night I got another call.  Lab work showed high elevated levels of CBC’s again.  Now I’m expecting a call on Monday from an Oncologist.  Hell, I didn’t know what a Oncologist was until my wife looked it up for me.  It’s a cancer specialist.  Now I’ve got something else to worry about.  

I’ll post more when I find out more.