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Cyclists in the south have to often deal with not so friendly drivers.  Some drivers throw trash at cyclists, say bad words at cyclists, and some drivers even attempt to run cyclists off the road.  Some drivers say cyclists have no business riding on a public roadway.  But they are wrong!  Outside of freeways and Interstates, cyclists have a right to ride on a public roadway.  But some Georgia lawmakers are so fed up with cyclists they are wanting to do anything possible to kick them off the road forever.  That means no more cyclist road rage videos like this one.

Georgia House Bill 689 was put up in the Georgia legislature from Gainesville lawmakers Carl Rogers, Lee Hawkins, and Emory Dunahoo.  The bill would require a $15 licensing fee on every bicycle in Georgia that rides in a public roadway.  That means everyone from a 40-year-old cycling adult to a little 6-year-old…

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