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When I started riding back in 2013, I rode a total of 1700 miles.  I know, to some of you that’s a drop in a bucket but I was pretty proud of my accomplishment.  2014 is when I was diagnosed and because of my health issues, I was only able to ride 530 miles.  I was able to increase my mileage somewhat to 890 miles in 2015.  2016 was a different story.  I stayed in the hospital for several weeks because of complications and I never had the energy nor the strength to ride therefore I rode zero miles that year.  In 2017, I was determined to start again and I did get a decent start with 150 miles but it soon faded because I was plagued with complications again.  In the next two years, I was lucky to get 100 miles or less because of fatigue and weight issues.  Because of this challenge that I’ve signed up for, I’ve pretty much-given caution to the wind and I’m going to ride if it kills me.

Today I was able to ride six miles, most of it pretty well.  I did have some issues going up against some steep hills but I think once I lose some weight and get more in shape, I’ll get better with the hills.  The only way I’m going to get better is to keep doing it.  In 2013, I had worked up to 25 miles every time I got on my bike and I was riding close to four days a week during the Spring and Summer. There’s no way I can do that now but that’s my goal.

Stay safe everyone!!