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My wife has come down with the flu so I’ve been quarantined for seven days.  That means seven days without going to the gym.  I’m glad I went ahead and bought that treadmill.  One of my daughters is here while she’s on spring break, she’s also quarantined.  In fact, her college has made the determination that school is canceled until further notice or at least until this virus is contained.  We have no idea how they’re going to do graduation.

My wife was diagnosed today and was given several shots.  I, as well as my daughter, was given a prescription for Tamiflu which I’ve already taken one.  Right now I feel fine.  My wife is not feeling well.  She has a sore throat, low-grade fever, and a dry cough.  If her condition worsens she has the paperwork to go get tested for the virus.  The doctor does not think it’s anything more than the flu.  I know that if I get the flu, because of my health conditions, I’ll probably be admitted into the hospital.  That I do not want.  I’d rather stay at home and let it run its course.  I know I”ll get more rest that way.

I hope everyone stays well out there.