It’s been nearly two weeks and ten pounds since my last post.  This low carb diet seams to be working for me.  I’m no longer hungry all the time and I’m no longer having cravings like I used to have.  This Saturday will mark one month and two weeks since I’ve started this diet.  My starting weight was 295 and today I weighed in a whopping 257 pounds.  There are still items in the frezzer that I should not eat but their voices are not as loud as once before.

One word about my last post.  I stated that I had ridden on my bike some three thousand miles in the past ten years and walked some hundred or so miles during this time.  You can say what you want but I’m damn proud of those miles.  You may do the same in a weeks time but I’m not you.  I’m me.  I’m a lot different than you and nothing you or anyone can change that.  We are who we are regarless of what sickness or disease we may have.  Each of us a has a choice to make whether or not we want to do something about it or not.  I have chosen not to use my sickness as an excuse to sit on the couch but I’m still not able to get out and ride as much as I’d like to so, I walk instead.

I will continue to keep doing what I’m doing.  If and when my breathing gets where it needs to be I’ll hop on my bike and ride like the wind.  For now I’ll walk to the track and walk my five miles before heading home.  In the mean time, if you’re reading this and need a word of encouragement, don’t give up and don’t let others dictate what you can and can’t do.  You can do it, just do it one day at a time.  You didn’t put this weight on in a weeks time so it’s going to take some time taking it off.

Good luck to you!!