I really needed this today. Maybe someone else does as well.

Beautiful Life with Cancer

Desperate Jimmy Stewart runs down the bridge, I grasp my heart, he has my complete attention. It is coming, my favorite part of the movie, so much emotion. He cries out to God, “I want to live again!” The snow begins to fall and he finds Zuzu’s petals in his pocket. I love the scene so much that my heart swells. It is ok that his bills aren’t paid. It doesn’t matter that he is headed to jail. He doesn’t care anymore that his dreams never came true, he never traveled the world, and he never became a millionaire. He has his life back. He has his wife, his children. He has his God.

Just a few more days until Christmas. It is coming as quickly as the movie playing and my favorite scene approaching. In the blink of an eye, I will be holding my heart and fighting back…

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