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Last week was one wild emotional roller coaster ride.  The week started out trying to find out why I haven’t received my Gleevec.  To make a very long story short the nurse at the doctors office sent the script to the wrong place.  I had been told earlier that my co pay was going to be $75 for the prescription.  Well, they were wrong.  It wasn’t $75 but 75% and with my deductible being $1000 that meant that my script was going to be $1000.  One of the things that people are not aware of is that many drug manufacturers offer financial assistance. I called Gleevec and got approved for a drug card.  My script went from $1000 to $100 for the year.  Happy Dance.  I called the pharmacy and got everything ordered yesterday and the Gleevec arrived this morning.  

I got up real late this morning.  I’m on call this month and I don’t usually sleep well while on call.  When I got up my daughter told me that my meds came in and I started reading all the side effects that this med has.  It’s got a long list but hopefully I won’t have any of them.  I ate two pieces of toast with peanut butter with a glass of milk and afterwards took all my meds.  Thirty minutes later I got real dizzy so I went to the kitchen and had an early lunch.  The dizziness went away.

Later this afternoon I got the urge to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.  I hopped on my bicycle and got twenty miles in.  It really felt good to be outside after having to deal with all this weird winter weather we’ve been having.  Spring time is coming to the deep south, it’s just taking it’s sweet time.